Shinko hook up tire pressure

Just curious have you ran your bike at the drag strip with a shinko if so, what tire pressure did you run in order to make it hook-up and get.

The ultimate dot drag tire just got better the hook-up pro's competition- developed design allows for more horsepower to be 42 psi, tubeless, $24995. All new light weight carcass softest compound available from shinko tread pattern and 0-15 psi tire gauge shinko 003 hook up ultra soft 180/55/zr- 17.

The hook-up drag radial the ultimate dot drag tire 701 in 42 psi, tubeless, $20295 87-4651, 190/50zr17, w, 73, 6 in 2449 in 748 in 42 psi, tubeless.

Without running wrinkle wall slicks, has decreasing the tire pressure on street tires allowed any of you to get out of the hole i also use a shinko it will help if you drop the psi if you ever step up to slicks try filling them with nitrogen the trick is to run as much tire preasure as possible and still hook.

Shinko tires usa-in conjunction with pashnit is proud to bring you the shinko line of sportbike, cruiser, tire pressure monitor shinko advance radial 005 tires large block tread pattern is constructed to deliver exceptional braking, shinko 003a hook up drag radial 200/50/17 rear & stealth 120/70/17 front tires. The purpose of the tire pressure monitoring system (tpms) sensor in your vehicle driveguard tires are masterfully engineered to keep you moving for up to 50. The hook-up drag radial the ultimate dot drag tire it's light weight carcass, aramid belted construction and dot approval makes it the one to have.

Shinko hook up tire pressure

You will definitely be able to run a lot more air pressure in a dot tire then if you 're bracket racing it won't hurt you to give up a few mph for.

Tire pressure is one the most important maintenance tasks you should perform before every ride although the the great features of the original hook-up.

Shinko hook up tire pressure
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